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Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry has its own unique needs to ensure the highest quality of comfort and control is available at the flick of a switch. The components that operate in high efficiency systems also need to be available and ready for action. From small air handling units right through to large inner city high-rise indoor air quality control, belts, pulleys, coupling, motors and bearings are at the heart of these machines.

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The Australian automotive industry is facing many challenges in production, profitable, while technology costs are rising. CBC offers many products for both the OE manufactures such as Toyota, GM-Holden, & Ford to ensure cars are manufactured to the highest standards, at the same time ensuring we have a good aftermarket product offering for wheel bearings, engine parts, belts, seals, hoses, and filters.

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In an industry where cost savings are of utmost importance, maintaining fuel efficiency and at the same time ensuring less down time of equipment has become a top priority. By using CBC’s reliable solutions, farmers are assured of the best output and maximise savings as well.

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The utilities & infrastructure industries are continuously trying to improve up-time availability, and reduce any unplanned maintenance. Overall cost effectiveness of high cost capital plant and equipment also need to meet rigorous government regulations, hence CBC’s comprehensive range of products and services has been designed to meet these demands and assist with overall cost of ownership.

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CBC understands the equipment utilised in the construction and earthmoving industries must achieve productivity and efficiency while operating in very harsh conditions. Mud, dirt, and water just to name a few. CBC’s products and services offer reliability and are designed to decrease the strain on equipment to reduce the risk of breakdowns that lead to expensive delays.

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